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Friday, September 30, 2011

Metal Revisited

I have really been liking my new metal embossed earrings.  I haven't touched polymer in several weeks,partly due to a bad case of Blogitis (the contagious BSBP virus), but also because I have been exploring this different media.  I have used several embossing plates but keep returning to the same swirly design. It seems to be the most attractive, at least I think so.

These two earrings are embossed with different plates but made using the same ink combination. 

 The same swirling embossing plate, using yellow and steam inks to color.

At first I was only coloring the front of the metal.  They turned out OK, but on this set I colored the back too. I think it looks better hanging from the ears to be colored on both sides.

The same earrings from only the front

The majority of the earrings were made from a blank about the size of a $0.50 piece.  I did have some smaller blanks which are not large enough to dap into a concave shape.  So they are being left flat.  They are about the size of a quarter.  These are colored on both sides too.


  1. Oh, totally agree, this swirly pattern is really cool. My personal color fav is the bottom ones. I like your idea of coloring both sides. Great job on your explorations! :)

  2. These look fantastic! I love what you did with the colors!

    Also - was glad to read in the comments on my blog that you are a fellow Gail Carriger fan. I almost never meet anyone who has read the same books that I have so that was a treat! I am totally besotted with Lord Akeldama!

  3. Hey, I've not been stopping by much lately as I've been super busy, but these are wonderful!