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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Now this is wall art!!

I visited my home town of Ephrata, Washington last week.          My sister told me I just had to see the new mural painted on the side of the local movie theater.

I had no idea how great it would be.  It is quickly becoming a tourist attraction in this small community.

Apparently the artist is just out of high school.  A lot of talent for someone so young.

Pictures speak much better than words, so here you are ....

View of whole mural from across the street.

Left side with artist signature

Penguins and minions, oh my....

Incredible, isn't it

Not sure what movie the airplane is from.
Then, we we got home and unloaded some of my mother's things, the boys decided that the "new" chair was their personal property.  Our old girls just aren't welcome there.  Maybe because the blanket we put over it to protect it from kitty fur is a good camouflage?
You can't see me!

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