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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Production of another sort

I can't believe I did not write anything in September!  The month just flew by.

  Lord Opuson and I have semi-decided to move.  We have not been happy in our current home for some time, and when the neighbors got a pit bull puppy, it was kinda the final straw.  I am not a dog person (stems from dog attack in childhood), but usually they don't bother me that much as long as they are well trained and cared for. Those who follow my blog know I am the crazy lady with all the cats.  My babies are upset by the new addition next door.  Even though they are not letting her run free, it still freaks them out when she comes running up to the end of her chain, barking at them.  And she will only get bigger. So we are seriously thinking it is time to find new digs.
    In the prep to move, we decided to start boxing up that stuff we are not using.  If we move, we will be that much ahead.  And if we decide not to move, and find we don't need what is in the boxes ... off to the thrift store for someone else to find a place for.
   It had been occupying a lot of my time: between that and work, there is very little time for creative endeavors. The good thing is that I have found stuff I thought I lost a long time ago.  Currently typing this listening to my old MP3 player that I hadn't seen in 3 years. Lucky for me that the Beattles are timeless.
    I  did find time to finish up my charms for Lisa Pavelka's Polymer Clay Cruise.  I just have to get them into the baggies and am done.  Two weeks from now, I will be enjoying the sunshine at sea sailing on the Oasis of the Sea -  a cruise ship so big it has an ice skating rink!  Not only is this a poly cruise - it is my 20th wedding anniversary 2nd honeymoon cruise.  And I will have a clean house to come home too!!!

I can't believe the boys are almost full grown.
The little kitty that went to market and
the little kitty who stayed home. The
little kitty who ate roast beast can't get out of bed for the pix

Brothers bonded for life.

98, 99, 100 .... Ready or not .... Here I come!


  1. Ah, moving... it's hard to focus on anything else with the prospect of changing homes hanging over your head, JuLee. Plus we ALL have too much STUFF cluttering our lives!

    Your boys are seriously adorable!

  2. Oh I hear you about dog neighbors. We're pretty good now, but in the past we have had the most awful chained all-day-long yappers around us. Luckily, people like that seem to move often. Moving is a good thing, though. In some ways I wish we could. It makes you clear out all your stuff and I do like the ability to re-group how you live and such. Your kitties are sure sweet. I'll bet they're super soft. I'm also a crazy cat lady, so I can relate completely. Good luck sorting through your stuff!