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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What a wonderful start to the New Year

I woke up this morning, and is my habit, I checked my emails first thing.  There were sure a lot of them. And they were not all spam for once.  I started reading those from my friends and guildies, and OMG! ... could what they are saying be true??? I hoped over to PCD and there they were. I had made earrings using a tut written by Christi at River Valley Designs and they were featured on Cynthia's post today!  She also gave a shout out to all who participated in weekly challenges this past year. And a link to the 52 earrings in a year Flickr group. If you like earrings, check it out.  So many talented people contributed ... it is chalked full of inspiration.

   I am still in a mild state of disbelief.

   It is rather a coincidence that this should happen today as I fell asleep last night reading about Cynthia in the latest PC book to hit the stands, "Polymer Clay Master Class".   Maybe I am still dreaming .... 



You can sense both the relief and the pride in the end-of-year posts from polymer artists who persisted through one of the 52-week challenges. These Rocky Path earrings are from JuLee Wolfe who chronicles her challenge on Pinterest. Here’s more of her work on Flickr.
Hats off to those who completed the difficult task of producing and uploading new artwork each week in 2012. You can see how their skills got better and how concepts were refined and rethought as the work progressed. They are an inspiration to the rest of us as we launch into a new year with high hopes of improving our art.
Here’s the earring group’s page. A new Brooch-A-Day group is forming here. Let me know if you know of other challenges starting up.


  1. Congrats JuLee! I notice lots of your pics on pinterest yesterday. Looking good! -Patricia

  2. Thats fantastic Julee, congratulations and the earrings are fabulous.