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Monday, January 7, 2013

Kitten Momma

   We have cats - mainly the Underfoot Clan, indoor and spoiled.
   We also have ferals that show up periodically. They took shelter in the blackberry vines that used to grow in our backyard.  We had the vines cleaned out this past summer and the ferals moved on, except for one.  He became more and more brave, coming up to the back porch.  We could not resist feeding him, and he became our outdoor cat, or O.D. We believe he has been neutered by the catch and release people, as he has a notched ear and does not spray.  He has thus far resisted all attempts to pick up, but will allow a few gentle pets when eating.  After Prince passed on, Opus started taking more of an interest in OD. He got a bed for him on the porch, put a tarp shelter around it when the weather got bad, and got him a water dispenser. And he claims not to like cats ...  doesn't fool me for a second.
   A short time ago, another cat showed up and O.D. took a real liking to her.  They played together and he even shares his bed with her.  I noticed that she was getting a little fat, and at first thought it was because we were feeding her regular meals.  Then it dawned on me that she was expecting ... oh, dear.  She is so shy - we have yet to be able pet her even when feeding.
   I was very worried about her as I know the survival rate for kittens in the winter is not high, and she looks to be barely out of kitten hood herself.  I was afraid that the first time she left her kittens to get food, they would freeze. She apparently knows suckers when she sees them, because .... what greets Opus when he left for PT this morning?  Kittens on our front porch!!!  She was having kittens in the kitty bed she shares with OD.  Oh, dear .... now what?  I can't get near her to move her anywhere warmer ... The most I can do is move a heater out in there (even that freaked her out).
  When I took this pix earlier today, the count was 4 kittens.  I came back from my Dr appointment and there are 2 more.  I hope they survive ( then we will be a "cat house" for sure - 10 cats .... oh myyyy).
  After all this I am definitely getting her to a vet and neutered. Just have to catch her.There might be hope, she at least let me get close enough for this one picture before panic took over.
Nermal and her little ones 


  1. Oh dear, you're a grandma LOL. Hoping your new little family survives the winter and it's just lovely you have provided her with a warm and safe environment.

  2. OMG those kittens are so lucky to have you, JuLee! I guess the fact that Miss Nermal chose your porch for the birthplace must indicate she feels quite safe there. Hopefully her maternal instincts will compel her to stay safe for her family's sake.

    I just realized I neglected to offer my congratulations on your PCD appearance last week!