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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday in the park with Prince

   I spent last week getting ready for and finally teaching my first legitimate class in domino art.  It was a very positive experience for me.  I did not stutter too much and only repeated myself a couple of times.  The main problem I did run into was time.  I only had a few people in the class, and since it is such an easy technique to learn, I had time to spare.  We spent it decorating more dominoes than I had planned for. I even made a few as demos and had a give away.
Examples of Domino pendants - same stamp, different colors
So, when I was done with the stress of that, I figured my PC muse would return.  No such luck.  Now I have the spring cleaning bug.  I found a used bookshelf that was in pretty good shape at Value Village.  I spent the early morning hunting down and sorting my beading, PC and jewelry books.  Now I actually have some empty shelves in my studio.  Maybe I can actually get some stuff up off the floor  now - LOL.  Maybe I will have it organized by the time Clay Camp rolls around in a few weeks.

Took Prince to the vet today for his weekly shot.  Since the weather was nicer this week than it has been (in other words, it wasn't raining), we stopped on the way home at the community center park and had a small picnic lunch.   We thought that he might enjoy a bit of a romp in the grass. But I guess it was still a bit too cold for the poor skinny boy. All he wanted to do was snuggle close to daddy. (he actually gained a couple of ounces past week - hurrah).
I smell chicken! 

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