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Friday, May 18, 2012

Clay Camp Ho!

It is time once again for the NWPCG to host it's annual Clay Camp Retreat.
 Arrived around 4:30 this afternoon, after a not so brief stop at the Ben Franklin store in Monroe.  There I found a bin with TONS of metal beads at very reasonable prices.  I bought some thinking they might look good colored with the Vintaj patina's I got a while ago. Tried a few experiments before dinner which I will try to post later, if I can find my camera in all the stuff that I packed for the weekend.
   I am soooo tired.  I was up till almost 5am is morning with a sick kitty.  Finally slept about 4 hours before he woke me up again by peeing on me!  Vet says that he has a urine infection on top of the kidney disease.  Poor little guy.

  So I am off to bed at a time I am normally still at work.  Hope to actually get some clay work done this weekend.

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  1. Oh a Ben Franklin! Lucky you to still have one of those! I used to love shopping at mine. I thought they were all gone by now! Happy to hear it isn't so.