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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh, Maria ... what have you done!

At Clay Camp, my guildie, Maria Brown (aka the Blonde Crow), introduced me to Pinterest.  Sure, I had heard of it, but had not ventured there yet.  All I needed was Pinterest addiction on top of Blogitis.  AND to top it off, in order to sign up for Pinterest, I had to join Facebook.   Argggggh...  I am being forced to "get with it".  Pretty hard for an old dog like me, but I guess I am learning a few new tricks.  I already have 3 friends, and  the first person to ask to friend me was Marie Segal!  I had a very happy thrill run through me when I saw that. I know this is "old hat" to most of you, heck even my brother is on Facebook, but it is an exciting new realm of exploration for me.
   Anyway,  I was just on Flickr pinning some of my favorite earring designs from the 52 earrings in a year project (I know... I am way behind posting my earrings .... life intrudes and all that).  I discovered that a lot of my favorite artist have disabled the ability to pin their pictures.  I can understand why,  but am still a bit disappointed. At this time, that is a step I am not going to take. I hope to someday sell my work on line and from my perspective, having my work available to pin just means that more people would see it and possibly want to know where to buy it.
View from dining room at Clay Camp.  So beautiful....

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