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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bead Soup Partner

I have been very remiss about blogging the Bead Soup Party.  A very stressful week at work.... Computer went down for almost 8 hours.  That started the week, and then my supervisor and good friend Jen announced that she was leaving to pursue a new career. She is going into the IT side of laboratory medicine. It is a great opportunity for her but will be increasing my stress load greatly as I will be stepping into her place  until we can find a new supervisor.

Thank goodness I have beads to help destress.

My beads arrived on Thursday from my Bead Soup Partner, Julie Bean.  Julie is part of  Beadaholique, a great online beading source.  They have instructional videos and lesson, besides a huge inventory.  I can't wait till I have more time to check out everything.... I have not even begun to crack the surface of what it has to offer. (I do love the Steampunk ring and will have to try it with PC)

 Check out her site. You will not be sorry.

This also links to their blog "Strung out"  which is chalked full of tips and techniques. I have to really fight off the dreaded Blogistis disease and focus on trying to work up a good design from all the great beads Julie sent.  (still have to take pictures so showing them off will have to wait till my next writing, hopefully to be written when it cools down later this evening)

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