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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bead Soup Beads

I didn't get around to blogging last night. I spent most of the day working on my Bead Soup project and my shoulders hurt a lot, too much to use the keyboard.  I am definitely outside my comfort zone, physically and creatively.

I did get a really good start on it.  Now to figure out how to put  all the bits together. This is so much fun!!!!

Julie has been so generous with her Bead Soup Kit, I have a lot to work with and hope to do them justice.

Bead Soup Plethora from Julie Bean

Julie had read my blog and saw that I have both a black and and a white kitty. She picked the cutest focal for me with this in mind. I love it. 

Here is a close up of this great focal. It is a ceramic piece from Golem Design.  So many colors to work off.

I just wish my kittes got along as well as these two.

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  1. I love the name of your blog! That kitty focal is too cute. I am a Jane Austin fan. I'll have to see which heroine that I am.
    I also am a Bead Soup Blog Partier! Please stop by my blog and sit a spell...