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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bead Soup Reveal #1

Yesterday was the first reveal for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Hop, and where was I but stuck in bed. I managed to visit a few sites here and there, in between doses of cough meds.  I was so happy to have escaped the crud going around at work this winter, till my dear hubby brought it home with him and decided to share it with me.  For the first day or so, I was so hopeful that it was just an allergy. But no such luck. It has settled in and seems loathe to leave.
   This was the weekend I had put aside to indulge in blog hops and finish up my own bead soup.  My first piece went together so quickly that it really surprised, but I am stumped with how to handle the focal I received from my bead partner Stepha.  I had a few ideas but so far they have not looked as good when I worked them up as they did in my head.  Luckily I still have two weeks to go ...
   I haven't been able to visit a lot of the blogs yet, but I have seen some absolutely gorgeous work done by this year's bead soupers.  Check them out at Lori Anderson's Pretty Things.


  1. I'm struggling with mine as well. I got beads that really don't work in the same piece at all, so I'm going to have to break them up into many pieces. Not a problem. But my focal difficult piece. I don't think it will work as it is. I might have to modify it somehow. I will put my thinking cap on. Lori posted this morning that she wants to move the 2nd and 3rd reveals out a week, so we'll have another week to contemplate and think on this. I think I might need it. But I joined this as a challenge to stretch my imagination and skills. So I can't complain one bit. I'm learning a lot already.

  2. Good to hear from you, Ginger.
    I think I finally hit on a way to display the focal - simple yet will take some time. I am kinda glad that we have the extra time as my crud turned out to be bronchitis. Lovely ... not!

  3. The focal found just the right home on the braided necklace. Great jewelry.

  4. You have made some beautiful earrings. Especially I love the orange blues and the trompets. Very very nice.