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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Totally Catified

I am totally gaga over the kittens.  I know that I will not be able to keep them, but am totally enjoying them while they are here.
   Nermal has been such a good mother to the brood, which I am very grateful for as she looks to be very young herself.  She is really starting to trust us, which I hope will make it easier to get her spayed when this is over.  Still won't let us pick her up, but we are slowly gaining her confidence.
  The little ones are starting to explore their world.  Two are very brave and have started to come towards the door every time it opens.  Opuson says not to name them, as it will make it that much harder to part with them when the time comes, but I just can't help it. The really adventurous little boy I am calling Tofur and his almost as brave brother is Tiger.
   The other 4 tend to stay in their basket or the immediate area and one refuses to leave it at all (I think she is the only girl of the bunch - still not 100% on the sex of all of them as they are so hard to tell apart).  She is Mynee.  Eenie, Meenie and Moe have yet to id themselves.
    If you are tired of kitten pictures, just skip the rest of this post, as that is all there is for today.  Tomorrow I start working on my Bead Soup Blog Hop mix .... today I play with the kittens.
Tofur was already heading out as I snapped this one

Feeling a bit crowded here

Yep, I'm sure ... definitely crowded.  

Momma wanted to see what I was up to.  She how brave she is getting!

This is either Tiger or Tofur.

Little Mynee doesn't feel safe leaving the nest yet.

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