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Friday, November 9, 2012

A Rocky Path

I finally broke down and bought something off of Etsy.  I have been purposely avoiding it for years.  Not because I don't like it ... heaven forbid.  It is the fear that I will go CRAZY and buy every thing in sight once I discover how easy it is.
    It is taking  lot of restraint to be good ... there are so many interesting items to be had just with a quick click of the mouse.
    I have been able to limit myself so far to a pair of earrings and beads from Lynda at Diva Designs.  I have been following her work for years now.  She was the first follower on my blog when I started it almost two years ago now.  I have purchased several of her very well written tuts in the past, but used a check rather than signing into Esty.  Now that she is a full time designer, it turned out to be better for her monetarily if I went through Esty, so now I have an account. .. so many shiny things.... opps... getting off topic
   This leads me to another Esty purchase I made last week.  One of my flickr contacts is River Valley Designs, and one of the techniques she uses and has written a tut on, is called Rocky Path. I have long admired pieces that she and others have made using Rocky Path and tried to figure it out on my own, with limited success.  So I finally broke down and purchased it. I am in love ... it is a playful technique and I love the serendipity of it - you can't predict exactly what is going to happen.  I love surprises.
   I have made two earring sets so far and would make more today, but I must get ready for the Artisan Show this weekend.
Using Yellows and Orange Inks

Pinks and Yellows


  1. Those are gorgeous!

    I have to admit, I am now buying lots of things on Etsy --I have purchased several gifts that I'll mail off to family for Christmas recently. I love that there is a place I can go for truly beautiful things, made with care and love.

  2. SO pretty! You did the Rocky Path tutorial serious justice here. :)

  3. You are so sweet, JuLee! Thanks for mentioning me, and I am so happy you love the earrings. I didn't know I was your first blog follower. Cool!

    Christi of River Valley Design is a friend of mine, too, and her rocky path tut is great, and you did a wonderful job. I love your take on it. I haven't seen anyone else utilize it for earrings! Brilliant! :)


  4. Thanks for the kind compliments ladies. I am truly in love with this method and will be playing more with different colors as time progresses.
    And Lynda, I used YOUR textured bead tut to make up the earrings from.