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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm Bad, I'm Bad, ya know it

Warning .... Long introspective post that you don't have to read....

I started off my blog last year on my birthday with a real bang, but lately I have been soooo bad about it.  I could be the weather (I have SAD so winter blahs usually really get me down) but this winter has had a bit more sun that usual, so I really can't use that as a valid excuse.

I could be stress at the job.  With the economy being so bad, health care providers are really seeing a decrease in revenue. My hospital is looking to form a strategic partnership with another and no one knows what that merger will entail.  Will we have jobs?  I am getting on in years (I qualify for the senior discount at restaurants but still too young to retire) and in my field older workers aren't valued for the fonts of wisdom that we are. They would rather hire fresh out of school at less pay.

It could be worry over my MIL. They finally diagnosed her with Stage 4 Lymphoma - luckily it is not in her bone marrow, but has involved other organs.  She started Chem and is not taking it too well.  She is a real tough cookie though and is taking it one day at a time.

It could be because I really have not made anything in the last several months that I want to share.  I have not really been inspired much in polymer.

It could be that I really DO NOT like Chrome....oh, well.

I am several weeks late with my resolutions, I know, but as I sit in bed with a mild case of food poisoning (bad fish at work last night) I am thinking that goals are a good focus to remove my mind from the stresses.  I need to have a focal that I can control rather than be worrying about what I can not.  This is not a radical new idea, one that I know logically but have a hard time accepting in practice.

If only I could be as cool as this fella
So one resolution is to blog more often, at least once a week.  That will force me to create (cross my fingers) and have more interesting stuff that I can share.

Now if I can just stop worrying about the snow storm that is supposed to hit later tonight ......

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