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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stupor Times

Not much is going on creatively these days.  I am in the midst of my winter stupor.  Kinda like the bear (that Lord Opuson insists is my totem), I tend to hibernate during the greys.  I have gotten several new books that I have been reading and thinking VERY hard about, but the drive to actually DO something just isn't there. The SAD really has a grip on me hard this year.

A huge bright spot in my life these last couple of weeks,  has been the addition of the Mighty Little Quinn.  I know that I am already deemed the crazy cat lady, so what is one more?

She and the rest of her siblings were found under the house when DH crawled under there  to turn on the water for our new refrigerator (which started leaking yesterday, causing a mad scrabble back under the house - no new kittens this time, thank goodness).

Found homes for the 4 other babies, but this cutie I just couldn't resist (I know that I should say no to more, but when you see her pix, you will understand).  She gets along so well with the boys, she follows them around like a little sister (which was what we were calling her till I could find a good name).  According to the "name your cat" source I found on-line, Quinn is Celtic for "fifth".
Quinn bonding with Lord Opuson

Quinn and Zinger Looking down on us mere mortals from the lofty height
of their cat perch

This little face just melts my heart.

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  1. What a darling! Hope your Holidays were filled with Blessings and more to come in the New Year, JuLee!