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Friday, October 5, 2012

What have I got myself into?!?

I saw a necklace in last month's (August 2012) issue of Bead Design Studio that I absolutely fell in love with.  It kinda surprised me, as I am not usually attracted to this type of necklace, but there ya go.  I am not one to argue with inspiration when it strikes ... BUT I am really wondering if I bit off a little more than I can chew.  The original necklace has 90-95 larger glass beads in it.  They are the most yummy colors and I thought to myself, if I don't have glass, I will use Polymer, of course.
  But how to get those colors?  A few experiments later, I found if I mixed small portions of clay  with translucent, I could achieve colors that were similar.  There is still a long way to go, I am working on getting all the beads made.... but here is a peak at what I have been doing.  Will post the finished piece when (if??) I finish.  I esp love the deep sparkly look that is achieved when mixing a pearlized clay into translucent.  Yum!
I LOVE the look of these beads and plan to work more with
Translucent clay when this project is finished.
 Because I am so wrapped up in making these translucent beads, my 52 earring project is suffering.  If only I did not have that darn J.O.B. getting in the way ... but it does pay the bills and allow me to create...
   As I result, I whipped up a month's worth of earings in one afternoon (sorry.... only one using polymer).
Polymer colored with inks and
mica powders, surrounded by
an abalone ring
Kitty Queen.  Earrings made from the
adorable kitty beads I picked up at
the NWBS show last weekend.
The nights are getting chilly...  here
are my "Prelude to Winter" earrings.

I titled these "Disc Believe" in
homage to Terry Prachett's
Disc world Series


  1. Those beads are so vibrant, they just leave me smiling. Great collection of earrings - Prelude to Winter is gorgeous!

  2. Oh my Julee, those beads look good enough to eat, like they would taste of tangy them. Beautiful earrings too, my fave? the polymer clay one, simple stylish and very chic.

  3. Beautiful collection of earrings, JuLee, and your quest to make translucent beads was very successful.

  4. thanks for all the kind words, ladies. I have a lot of work ahead of me making the necklace (can you say >100 wire wraps - going slow due to the carpel problems). I want to try textured translucents next.

  5. Those polymer clay beads are perfect - the colors are so much fun. Have fun working on the necklace!