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Friday, April 13, 2012

Twigs Revisited

I really like the Square Twig earrings I made a few weeks ago for the 52 earring project.  So when my latest shipment of round metal blanks arrived from Bello Modo, I just had to repeat the design.  This time I made a few changes.
Again I used Pebeo Vitrea to simulate an enameled look.  This time, in order to get a more pronounced color on the painted portion, I used my sanding block and lighted the brass.  That got me thinking about the back of the disc.  What would happen if I used the sander on it?
As you can see, it produced a really nice effect.  I almost like this side better than the front.  They look good coming and going.  In order to preserved the highlighted color, I glazed them using the Vintaj metal glaze. It is supposed to protect the metal from oxidizing.
Front and back 

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