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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Check out this virtual book tour

My muse has deserted me lately.  Stress from both work and personal issues (Prince Pippen took a turn for the worse and has kept us very busy) has taken it's toll on my creativity.  Last night I found myself making the same bead over and over again. Boring....

So tonight I have been browsing the internet, looking for inspiration. I didn't find any polymer clay inspiration since one of the first things I  come across was an absolutely fascinating virtual book tour being hosted by Barbara Lewis. She is the author of  a new book on Torch Fired enameling.  I just got this book several weeks ago from Amazon, but have not had the time to more than casually look through it.  After visiting the blogs featured in this virtual tour and all the different ways Barbara's techniques are being used, I am serious thinking about taking up this art too.   But where to find the space and proper ventilation in my tiny house....? 

Please do yourself a favor and check it out at

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